Thangu's Works in SharePoint Online using PowerShell

Microsoft Graph,CSOM,PnP,REST

Help with codes for your requirement using PowerShell and CSOM,REST,PnP,Microsoft Graph.

Search/Read below.Check if you need a code(s) from 5 of items below for your requirement. Your requirement may be to use the code for generating reports,custom app,bulk actions in few lines of code,scheduled tasks, console applications etc. Before consulting, check here

Title Description
Office 365 Get photo of user,
View AD information like domains,devices,organisation,members,
Create/Update User,
View Direct Reports/Manager,
View/Create Calendar events,
Add/View Attendees to events,
View Email messages of a User,
Send Email,
View Outlook properties like Timezone,Rules,language,working Hours,Contacts,
View Insights,
Create Excel Workbook,Tables,Chart,
View sites/groups in SharePoint,
CRUD on List Items,
Search for files/folders,
Copy/Move files,
Get content as PDF,
View Security Score,
Find meeting times
Site Get Location,
View Site Features,View Subsites,
Create new site(Blog,Dev,Community,Comunication...),
Update site like Description,
Add Navigation to site,
Disable comments on site,
View All Folders in a Web,
Add/Update Custom Action on Subsite,
Update Master Page URL,
Enable Responsive UI,
Restore/view reccles items,
Change Theme,
Add JS script to pages,
Update Home Page,
Activate a feature,
Add custom JSLink to apply custom CSS to a column in classic page,
Apply Provisioning Template,
View Site Groups and Users,
View Content Types
Search Search for Documents,
Search for List Items,
Search for partcular List Type Like Survey
Taxonomy Get Various Keywords,Orphaned,System terms,
Create a new Group in Taxonomy,
View Terms in Each group,
Search for Taxonomy based on property/language,
View terms which have changed recently in 30 days,
Add Contributor to Term Group,
Move term from one term set to another,
Create Navigation Term,
Create Taxonomy Field,
Copy/Resuse/Pin term
Files Create/Delete/Recover Files,
Update Existing Files,
Upload Large Files,
Get Versions and their content,
Check out Check in Files,
New Folder,
Create new Document of PPT,PPT,TEXT type,
Move Files,
Unique Permission,
Create new Document Library,
Add image to Site Asset Library
Lists Create List,
Find List,
Columns(Choice,MultiChoice,Date,User External Data,LookUp,Rating) Formula(Concatenate, Round, Min),
Adding List Items,
Search for List Items CAML query,
Views and CAML query of View,
Custom Action,
JSON for custom display with custom logic
User Add/Update User,
Get Users latest Social Feed