Written Understanding
This is a written understanding between a Client/Student and Thangeswari(Thangu).
The name Client is used for those wanting Consulting or help in their projects
and the name student is used for those wanting to learn SharePoint and do projects on their own.
1. The client/student specifies the requirement clearly, preferably in email and screenshots.
2. The client/student discuss on the times,rates,dev access.
3. The client should get managers permission and give necessary legal access to SharePoint environment if requirement demands.
4. The client should get company to pay if client cannot afford.
5. The payment must be done in Full on paypal Only before the services begin, once above are clear and agreed upon by both.
6. The services needing Live Skype call will happen based on availability.
7. The student must learn the prerequites for a training before coming for course.
8. Below are the rates for various services:
  • 1. Email SharePoint Consulting - 250$ per month for 2 emails a week for simple short requirements.
  • 2. SharePoint Consulting - 100$ per hour for instant help to fix issue in 1 hour on Skype/Teams.Output not guaranteed.
  • 3. SharePoint Scripts - 100$ SharePoint PowerShell script in 1-2 weeks.
  • 4. SharePoint Framework Apps - 1000$ Conversion of old script editor or CEWP to SPFx apps in 1-2 months based on complexity.
  • 5. SharePoint Training - 100$ Assignment Only/250$ Live Training in 1-2 weeks for selected 5 topics.