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Comic Words on PnP PowerShell for SharePoint Online
PnP PowerShell helps to do great things in few lines.Lets keep the words smaller too. Creation in Universe is marvelous.Plants, Trees,planets, stars, You are a wonderful creation. Lets create a simple Fruits list.
New-PnPList -Title "Fruits" -Template GenericList
After creation of Apple in the Universe, a great discovery was done on Apple by Newton related to gravity.Apple falls to the ground. We might be entering a new era with Latitude and Longitude as our location , with control over gravity. Till then, we are on the ground and lets tag the Fruits with Location metadata.

Add-PnPField -List "Fruits" -DisplayName "Location" -InternalName "Location" -Type Text -AddToDefaultView
There are many fruits available.Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Orange improves your immunity.Lets add some fruits.
$newItem = Add-PnPListItem -List Fruits Set-PnPListItem -List "Fruits" -Identity $newItem -Values @{"Title"="$($item)";"Location"="$($location)";}
Reading SharePoint data is straightforward and simple in PnP.If you want to write a code that gets details of your Car 001, you would say Get-Car "001".Similarly, to get ListItem, you say Get-PnPListItem.
Get-PnPListItem -List "Fruits"
Before leaving the house, you lock the door.Before updating, you search for the data.
After coming out of the house, you enjoy fresh air/shopping/walking/driving. After you find the data you need to update, you can update the values.
Set-PnPListItem -List "Fruits" -Identity $appleItem -Values @{"Title"="Apple";"Location"="Australia"}";
Before deleting the bad habits, we need to find the bad habits. Too much mango gave problems to my relations.Lets delete the dangerous Mango by finding it first.
Now that many bad habits are deleted, we can feel much better.After deleting mango, many can be much healthier.
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You can practice the PnP scripts from here