Thangu's SharePoint and Office 365 End User Tips

Calculated Column to Find the Day you are Born

Find the day you are born using Calculated Column. If the name of the column is 'Birthday', Create a new Column named DayBorn of Type Calculated and type the following formula in the text box



Reporting is the most common requirement. I have enjoyed powerful SSRS, simple Table Views, Excel Charts, Visifire Charts. After watching a nice powerpuff girls cartoon, I thought of checking out the Power BI from Microsoft. I had tried long back to get SharePoint List data from Online Power BI and could not. I opened up the Desktop Power BI and it was much more simpler and easier to connect to your data source. Creation of Charts is very easy with mere drag and drop of columns and I was very happy with Location aware Charts. Check out a short demo on Power BI above


Microsoft flows are extremely powerful way to develop workflows to automate any process. Long ago, SharePoint Designer was used along InfoPath forms. I had worked on many workflows like Registration sites in SharePoint On Premise where the Flowchart in SharePoint Designer would take care of sending reminders automatically after 7 days and also perform complex calculations. However, many clicks were needed in SharePoint Designer to get the properties of the Current item in a list. I started exploring Microsoft Flow and I was amazed that such features are available out of box without any clicks or extra learnings. Designing a workflow in Flow is very simple without any need for training program. Check out the video below to understand Microsoft Flow in action.


Do you remember the olden days in college taken many notes while your professor speaks. Or, standing in queue in Xerox shops to take a copy of the notes taken by one student in the class. Thanks to modern coding, Computer is making life way easier. Check out the Automatic Caption Feature in Microsoft Stream.


SharePoint helps one to lead a smart life. Among the millions of stars in the galaxies, we like to see the sun and the moon. Similarly, when you have too much data in a SharePoint list or library, the data relevant to you is more than enough. The Smart Filter feature in SharePoint helps a user to filter data with various properties like Modified,Created etc.What happens when you start using SmartFilter?

"You are a Filter Not a Sponge."
Meaning, You take only what is relevant to You and ignore rest. How?
Go to the List=> Click Funnel


Are you new to SharePoint and want to read through a book to quickly grasp the basics? If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read for free. SharePoint Pedagogy Alpha-FUNDAMENTALS For next level or medium Level SharePoint End Users, try this book which has to be practised on a daily basis to actually understand. SharePoint Pedagogy Alpha-INTERMEDIATE